A Simple Reminder

I have been wanting more and more to begin posting on my blog, and for the longest time have been conflicted as to what I should be posting about. I think that all in all, it has been this exact thought process that has been holding me back, and keeping me from just going for it. Getting caught up in the day to day stresses that life is constantly throwing our way can become toxic, as it prevents us from putting the worry aside and just doing whatever it is that brings us the little bit of peace that we all need. Always striving to get to the next thing tends to become an infinite staircase, where as soon as we reach our goal, we immediately start climbing towards the next one.

This post is the first of a new mindset, where instead of wondering what I should write about or what’s coming next, I instead just sit down and begin to write, no longer worried who will find their way to read it or what the reasons may be behind their interest in my blog. I think an approach like this is one that everyone can benefit from. Yes, of course, there are situations where we need to have all of our plans laid out and ready to go, but when it comes to our creative passions, this isn’t always the case. Whether drawing or writing or music making or whatever else it may be, sometimes it’s best to just sit down, take a breath, and get to it, even if there’s no goal in mind.

I was talking to my boss just the other day and I asked him what he thought a good topic for a blog would be. He laughed and answered as if it wasn’t much of a hard question at all. He said to me, “whatever you do every day, that should be your topic,”, and that really made me wonder what exactly that even is. So I thought about what I find myself doing on a daily basis, between work, school, hanging out with friends and smoking, drinking and going out, etc., it shouldn’t be too hard to just sit down and write about whatever I did that day. Interesting conversations, sights, quotes, you name it, it could all be a post!

With this in mind, consider this an introduction to my blog, where everything is left at the door as you come in, and the time to relax is here. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I do.

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